ZEPETO Creator Collaboration

Hi! I feel like it could be hard to work alone as a zepeto creator. So why don’t we try to do a collaboration to make it easier? You can make the 2D design of my 3D works. This would be convenient for Indonesian creators who don’t have PayPal too. If you’re interested to do this collaboration then fill this form to see if we can work together as ZEPETO creators! 

Terms and Conditions
  • The designs should follow the rules, terms, conditions, and guidelines from ZEPETO.
  • Make sure you own every rights to use the images.
  • If you chose to receive the profit monthly, you would receive 40% of the profit from each item that uses your 2D design for 6 months.
  • Hera will contact you within 7 days after you send the submission (including weekends) if she’s interested to collab with you!
  • You can download the mesh here http://tiny.cc/HeraDesignMesh.

    I'd like to sell my design(s) and receive the payment at onceI'd like to receive the profit monthly

    (Fill this if you chose to receive the payment at once)

    PayPalGoPayOVOIndonesian Bank (Mandiri and Jenius only

    (You can upload up to 10 files in jpeg, jpg, png, psd, or kra format. Max. size per file: 2MB)